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Hard Drive Shredding & Data Destruction:

In Arlington Heights, safeguard your sensitive data with our certified hard drive shredding and data destruction services. Offering both on-site destruction at your premises and off-site at our secure facility, we ensure your data storage devices are handled with the utmost security. Witness the destruction process with our mobile service, ensuring peace of mind and compliance with federal regulations. Receive a detailed certificate of destruction for your records.

Electronics & Computers Recycling:

Our electronics and computers recycling services in Arlington Heights cater specifically to the needs of various sectors, including healthcare, education, and government. With secure data removal and environmentally responsible recycling, we provide a seamless process from pickup to recycling, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. A certified report confirms the thoroughness of our process.

Residential Electronics Recycling:

Arlington Heights residents can contribute to environmental sustainability by utilizing our residential electronics recycling services. From computer recycling to e-waste disposal, we offer secure and efficient solutions. Schedule a pickup or drop off your e-waste at our facility for free, adhering to state laws against electronics in landfills.

Hard Drive Shredding Arlington Heights

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