Electronics & Computers Recycling

iTECH Electronics Recycling offers different recycling options and ideal for corporations, and companies with highly sensitive data, including

- Hospitals and Medical Facilities
- Banks
- Financial and Wealth Management Firms
- Educational Institutions
- Manufacturing
- Local, State and National government agencies and affiliates

iTECH Electronics Recycling will:

- Pick up equipment directly from your loading dock.
- Destroy hard drives or thoroughly remove all data from hard disks using DOD (Department of Defense) recommended methods.
- Recycle equipment according to state and federal environmental laws.
- Provide a certified report detailing the services performed and confirming software removal (listed by hardware serial number).
- Weight reporting
- Collection bins

We will work with you to figure out what you have to recycle, and then our professional team will be sent to your location. Once your equipment is back at our warehouse everything is weighed and sorted.

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Electronics Recycling Arlington Heights