With identity theft becoming more common and companies increasingly going fully digital, the risk of customer data falling into the wrong hands is higher than ever. Many companies have good security measures, but they often overlook the risk of data on old hard drives being accessed by criminals.

Hard Drive Destruction

Simply formatting a hard drive or deleting sensitive data before disposal is not enough. Identity thieves have programs that can restore deleted data. Due to the increased security in firewalls and other network protection technologies, identity thieves are now targeting old hard drives. The most effective way to dispose of an old hard drive—or any digital media—is to use hard drive destruction services to physically shred the digital media.

When you use ITECH Recycling, we document the hard drive serial numbers and degauss each hard drive to erase all data. Once this process is complete, we physically destroy the hard drive, making the data irrecoverable. You will receive a NAID certificate of destruction to confirm compliance with regulations for safeguarding customer data.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Failing to protect your customers’ data adequately can result in fines and legal action. By using our hard drive disposal services, you eliminate this risk. The cost of hard drive destruction is much lower than potential legal costs from data breaches involving improperly disposed of hard drives.

The DIY approach to destroying hard drives is not as secure as it may seem, especially if you are unsure about the type of hard drive you have. Identity thieves have software that can recover data, even from drives that have been subjected to data destruction software. Even drilling holes in hard drives can leave recoverable data if the platters can still spin. Incomplete destruction leaves undamaged sectors vulnerable to data extraction.

Hard Drive Disposal

If you have hard drives to dispose of, you need to know the proper method for old hard drive disposal. ITECH Recycling can shred the hard drives along with your documents, helping you avoid non-compliance, reduce employee workload, and increase business efficiency.

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All businesses using computers store sensitive data on their hard drives. As computers age, you will eventually need to dispose of those hard drives securely. Keeping them can take up valuable space and pose a theft risk, whether from internal employees or external visitors.

If you need to dispose of hard drives, contact ITECH Recycling for secure hard drive destruction today.

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